Mission and Vision

Pittsburgh Neighborhood Church Network  (PNCN)

Mission & Vision Statement (rev. July 18, 2008)


Our Mission: 
“Strengthening existing churches and establishing new churches in the city of Pittsburgh through relationships and resource sharing for the purpose of reaching the lost of our city.”



The Vision:

Convinced that God’s plan for reaching mankind with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is based in the entity known as the local Church, we have come together, not to replace the Church, but to help her come together in the City of Pittsburgh to accomplish the goal for which she was created.  We will fulfill our mission without compromising in any way the authority and autonomy of each local congregation.  Ours is to serve as the connective tissue – the nerve network, the ligaments and tendons – within the Body of Christ in Pittsburgh.

We see a church which is manifest in each of the 88 separate and distinct neighborhoods of the City of Pittsburgh.  Not just any “church,” but the church as God designed and for whom Christ died.  We see this church effectively reaching the lost of each community in which it is located, resulting in the City of Pittsburgh being positively affected by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This will result in a positive effect on the social and moral climate of each neighborhood and ultimately the entire city.

We will serve as a clearing house for material and personnel, working to compile and distribute up to date listings of what is available.  We will coordinate resources such as curriculum, outreach materials, training seminars, etc.  We will strive to be aware of the needs of member churches, taking whatever steps we can to aid in meeting them as God enables us.

We will provide opportunities for Pastors and congregations to gather together for shared fellowship and times of ministry.  Ours will be an ever expanding and growing network with an open invitation to all who can “amen” our statement of faith, our mission and our vision.